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Alice 01.png

REGISTER NAME:  Kopenhagen's Vicky


PET NAME:  Alice


TITLES:  Stafford Athletics Champion


SEX:  Female


DATE OF BIRTH:  24, Jun, 2020


BORN IN:  Brazil


LIVING IN:  Brazil


HEIGHT:  38.5 cm   /   15 inch


WEIGHT:  13 kg   /   28 pounds


BREEDER:  Vanusa Pereira


OWNER / HANDLER:  Rafaella P. Abreu




PEDIGREE:  Click Here




Alice is a full sister of my first stafford Olivia, who inspired my passion for the breed and my desire to preserve it, unfortunately, due to naivety of my own back at the time, I had Olivia spayed. Alice was born from a repeat breeding of Crixo and Donatella, upon knowing the combination would be repeated I put my name on the list and waited. Alice was my pick of the litter, through her I intend to preserve the traits of this family. 


This particular line has shown me time and time again, through Olivia herself, her litter brother, her father, her uncle, her half brother and cousin, that this line produces talent, intelligence and athleticism, but Alice of her line is the most gifted bitch as far as physical ability. She has a great, hard stable bite, agility for days, stamina, power like i’ve never seen before - at least not in person - she is a sporting machine.


At home Alice is an incredibly sweet and loving bitch who absolutely loves human attention, she’s the type that loves cuddling and close contact with her people. She’s gentle with my elderly dachshunds and lives just fine with all of my home dogs. Outside dogs are not met with the same acceptance though. 


On January 7th of 2023, Xavier has officially earned his title as a Champion in Stafford Athletics, having collected all the necessary Black Stars in all 10 disciplines.

We will now pursue the title of Stafford Athletics Grand Champion.


Alice's performance history

Top Dog 2022

3rd Place Treadmill Race

2nd Place Long Jump

BRSA 2022

1st Place Brazilian Dog

4th Place Overall

Alice's black stars and / or her personal best scores in the 10 Disciplines of Stafford Athletics.

HANGTIME:  20min                 TUG OF WAR:  20min                TRACKMILL 91 runs                  10 MILE 55min                 A-FRAME 36 

DRAGPULL:  9.91sec                 HIGH JUMP 1.60m                 LONG JUMP 4.00m                  SPRINT 50 4.78 sec                 SPRINT 100 9.44 sec 

Alice crawl.png

L2HGA:  Clear                HC:  Clear                PHPV:  Unaffected                HIPS:  0.30 / 0.31                ELBOWS:  0 / 0                HEART:  Normal When Examined

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