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Below are the litters planned for the foreseeable future. I have relatively few litters per year, about 3 at the maximum, so availability is a bit limited. I advise anyone who's considering me as the breeder of their future dog to contact me in advance - don't wait for a litter to be born as those dogs are likely all reserved before their birth! It's ideal that you inform me of interest in owning a dog from me, or in a particular litter as soon as it is announced publicly, so your name will be on the waiting list from the get go,  you are welcome to contact me through Email or Instagram.

Email -              Instagram -  @highfyre.staffords

TThis breeding is one I am putting my heart and soul in to and have incredibly high expectations for. I intend to keep 2-3 pups in my circle to be tested and tried and hopefully join my program, 1 pup should be going abroad, should we have more than 4 in the litter there will be pups available for serious people who will be proud to hold a leash with an animal of immense potential on the other end. Dogs should have the potential for anything between sport, field work and even showing under the right kind of judge.


These are not made to warm a couch for a living.


The parents are amazing specimens in their own right and merit.

The sire, Dom, is a dog i’ve known from the day he was born and he immediately caught my eye by his tenacity to reach and dominate the teet, he has maintained that same intensity growing up and has developed into a powerful, focused, incredibly driven animal. Oozes power and confidence.


Nora, the dam, is overflowing with raw drive and pure intensity, tenacious as one should be, a dog that’s willing to drop dead in pursuit of whatever you ask of her.

Both dogs are particularly owner-devoted, dedicated people pleasers who each have a single person for whom they are willing to go above and beyond for.

I expect these pups should possess the ideal breed temperament with a touch of crazy to spice things up. I have faith they will excel in what’s asked of them.

If there’s interest to get in line for one of these, contact me.

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