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Xavito 01.jpg

REGISTER NAME:  Primo Capo Gennaro Savastano The Mountain Troops


PET NAME:  Xavier


TITLES:  Stafford Athletics Champion


SEX:  Male


DATE OF BIRTH:  05, Dec, 2019


BORN IN:  France


LIVING IN:  Brazil


HEIGHT:  38.2 cm   /   15.04 inch


WEIGHT:  14 kg   /   31 pounds


BREEDER:  Clement Fontanelli


OWNER / HANDLER:  Rafaella P. Abreu




PEDIGREE:  Click Here




Xavier is an incredibly strong hearted dog, and that’s his strongest trait. He gives himself to the full even if he may not be the most gifted with natural talent. He’s responsible and committed to tasks given and you can always count on him to do the best that he can through thick and thin. He’s particularly intelligent and for a dog he is a critical thinker, he works with and for people he likes and in that sense he is very much a one person kind of dog, there’s only two people for whom he’s willing to go the extra mile for, but otherwise is a highly social people friendly dog as staffords are. He’s quick to understand the system of different sporting disciplines and adapts rather quickly, the exception being that he’s a terrible jumper, and never quite figured that out.


His intelligence transfers well to home living, I try not to but it’s undeniable that he’s a favorite for his temperamental balance, living well with my two elderly dachshunds and being incredibly respectful and gentle in his interactions with them, he has on and off settings and is very calm and for a stafford relatively collected at home. He coexists with my other stafford bitches on a daily basis under supervision without issue. Though his tolerance for other males is nonexistent.


He was a lovely driven little puppy and somewhat the bully of his litter. He arrived from France at the age of 7 months and made himself at home on that same day.


Genetically, Xavier carries a heavy load of the  Quinlent bloodline, he is strongly locked on one of the line’s most prominent producing males, Quinlent Bohemian Rhapsody. His sire, Vegas (Johnny Knoxville) is a famous sporting Champion in Europe, and his dam, Jena (Justify My Love Des Anges De Wilhelm) a lovely sporting bitch who was active in sport events around France for many years.

On January 7th of 2023, Xavier has officially earned his title as a Champion in Stafford Athletics, having collected all the necessary Black Stars in all 10 disciplines.


Xavier's performance history


BRSA 2022

4st Place Brazilian Dog

9th Place Overall

Here are Xavier's black stars and / or his personal best scores in the 10 Disciplines of Stafford Athletics.

HANGTIME:  20min ★                TUG OF WAR:  20min ★                TRACKMILL 93 runs                  10 MILE 57min ★                A-FRAME 35 

DRAGPULL 9.25sec                 HIGH JUMP 1.58m                LONG JUMP 2.90m★                SPRINT 50 4.69sec ★                SPRINT 100 9.95sec 

Xavier crawl.png

L2HGA:  Clear                HC:  Clear                PHPV:  Unaffected                HIPS:  0.38 / 0.38                ELBOWS:  0 / 0                 HEART:  Normal When Examined

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