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REGISTER NAME:  Quinlent The Warning




TITLES:  None Yet


SEX:  Female


DATE OF BIRTH:  09, Sep, 2020


BORN IN:  Netherlands


LIVING IN:  Brazil


HEIGHT:  38.5 cm   /   15 inch


WEIGHT:  13 kg   /   28 pounds


BREEDER:  Marco De Kruijk


OWNER / HANDLER:  Rafaella P. Abreu




PEDIGREE:  Click Here




Nora is my jackpot, she is my second import, this time directly frm Marco De Kruijk, Quinlent Kennels in the Netherlands. She is the culmination of so many dogs which have had my admiration, direct daughter of DSA Champion Buzzkills Infinite Legends (Freddie) who in turn is son to DSA Champion Quinlent Connemara, two fantastic staffords, through the maternal side is Quinlent Locked Out Of Heaven, direct daughter of DSA Champion Quinlent Superman. But most importantly, is Nora herself, a fantastic high caliber bitch with drive to go for days. For her I am forever thankful to Marco for the trust sending such a great individual overseas to my hands, and to my friend Marijke for doing such a great foundation during this litter's earliest days.

She is a nice allrounder, very balanced in terms of desir and ability, to pull off a good performance in almost every sporting discipline.

Nora is typical Quinlent, she's what you'd call a crazy out of her mind type of dog. You know she's in a tournament by the sound of her screaming with drive, but amazingly, she's great at home and is able to be a good house dog in spite of her berserker nature when sporting. She's very sweet and just like my other dogs she coexists well with the other dogs at the home. This pseudo pack mentality she has for her home mates is defnitely not extended to strange dogs, though, whom she tends to open aggression towards with minimal provcation if any at all.

I believe Nora will be a key dog for my breeding program and really look forward to her future career in sports as well as for her breedings, I have no doubt she will bring many desired qualities into her offspring.


Nora's performance history


Top Dog 2022

3rd Place Long Jump


BRSA 2022

3rd Place Brazilian Dog

6th Place Overall

BRSA 2023

1st Place Overall

Best A-Frame

Best 50m Sprint

Here are Nora's black stars and / or her personal best scores in the 10 Disciplines of Stafford Athletics.

HANGTIME:  20min ★                TUG OF WAR:  20min ★               TRACKMILL 106                 10 MILE x                A-FRAME 39 

DRAGPULL ★                HIGH JUMP 1.60                 LONG JUMP 3.50 ★                SPRINT 50 ★                SPRINT 100 

Xavier crawl.png
Nora Site.png

L2HGA:  Clear                HC:  Clear                PHPV:  Unaffected                HIPS:  0.33 / 0.41               ELBOWS:  0 / 0               HEART:  Normal When Examined

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